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September 5th update: System updated! Welcome to the Growtopia BlackMarket,!

**Growtopia BlackMarket is the best platform for trading game items and accounts in Growtopia(GT) and Pixel Worlds(PW). Fast and Safe!**

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selling account:)

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i'm selling an account
- has focused eyes
- conquest helmet
- 150+ day subscription left
- twenty (20) cleared worlds + door moved
- two carnival rings (invisible & mini)
- super supporter
- 1900 hours
- 2000+ days
- level 43

i'm only looking for paypal offers, sorry
also we can negotiate the price!
message me, i also have discord :)


i am intrested my discord is Squeaker69#2167

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Sell (Post if you want to sell ) » selling account:)