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September 5th update: System updated! Welcome to the Growtopia BlackMarket,!

**Growtopia BlackMarket is the best platform for trading game items and accounts in Growtopia(GT) and Pixel Worlds(PW). Fast and Safe!**

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Buying DLS $2 each

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I am willing to buy diamond locks $2 each my budget is around 70 dollars just so you know. I'm not going to fall for scammers if you aren't trusting me then don't sell it. We can do half by half.
Also i don't pay first and i can increase my budget 10-20 dollars if the prices are affordable.

edit: forgot to add my discord it's Rıdvan#5118

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done buying thanks

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Buy (Post if you want to buy) » Buying DLS $2 each