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September 5th update: System updated! Welcome to the Growtopia BlackMarket,!

**Growtopia BlackMarket is the best platform for trading game items and accounts in Growtopia(GT) and Pixel Worlds(PW). Fast and Safe!**

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Hey everyone,

Here to advertise that I'm selling some dls,
I don't go first, paypal only, msg me on discord xd
I sometimes restock, i usually msg if i do and you're looking for some
don't add me if you're just trolling - instant block, pls
my price - 2$ USD ( I made a new post btw)

discord: GyZo#6707

PS - sorry for those who I've never replied to or accepted their request, I had a busy life and couldn't restock, so that's why I canceled the FQ

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So i am scammer just because i sell $2.2 i can use middleman,gameflip,g2g or whatever we need to get a safe deal unlike you "not going first" LMFAO idiot.


1. I never targeted YOU
2. I have a rep unlike you, and if you do use a middleman then why are you here? I'm saying those who sell for 2.2$ or less WITHOUT a mm are scamming, 2.5$ is the base price for the dls.

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You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Sell (Post if you want to sell ) » SELLING DLS 2.5$ USD - PayPal