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Skype Monster Client. Sending requests, messages to contacts, chating

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Features of Skype Monster Client. Program for multithread chatting, sending requests, sending messages to contact list

- Multithread sending of requests with the text
- Automatic accept of incoming friend request
- Send messages to new friends
- Two types of auto-reply: standard and commercial
- Multithread chat with contacts from the program
- Sending messages to contact list
- Support for all types of accounts (login, mail, phone)
- Support user agents

The program does not require you to install Skype on your computer, at the same time you can login into hundreds of different accounts. Skype Monster Client monitors all accounts for new incoming requests to friends, accepts them and sends your commercial message automatically. The same procedure awaits the people who approved your outgoing requests. With customers who are seriously interested in your offer, you can chat from several accounts directly from the program or send an auto-reply if you are not on the spot at the moment.
If you have your own skype account database for sending, then you can upload it to Skype Monster Client, specify different texts of requests in order to interest the clients, and the program will add accounts in a multithread mode
If you have news about your service, site, affiliate program, work profile, etc., you can send messages only to current friends.

You can get free test for 3 days
Every buyer`ll get the link to FAQ and user guide

Main window

Settings window

The example of working 2 skype accounts = 2 threads (Read first comment in youtube)

Demonstration "Send messages to contact list" mode

Price: 15$ forever, 5$ per month
skype live:kirill_1135
telegram @JavaDeveloper92
via private message
You also can buy the program … ntact-list

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Nice Work!


Price is actual till September 1

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You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Off-Topic » Skype Monster Client. Sending requests, messages to contacts, chating