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flexonhomeless scammer. Selling DLS Scammed $4

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Recently I saw flexonhomeless post he was selling Diamond Locks, I wanted to buy one.
Selling Diamond Locks 3 Usd Each ! 2 Diamond Locks Left

We met up on discord and talked. I had to go to bed that night because I didn't have the money yet and it was a school night.
This morning I get on to buy finally. I send him $3 the exact amount he told me. And he says I didn't get the full $3. I thought this was just fee's (Probably was) but I sent more money (0.25 and 0.50) to even out the $3 but he keeps telling me its not the full amount. Now I'm thinking he made this up just to get extra cash out of me. Oh well I will live.

He says that its fine and he will give me the DL. I tell him my username and I log on. No one messaged me, I wen't back into Discord to tell him my world name but when I typed it in, I was blocked by him.

He is clever for getting more money out of me and it's a shame he scams. He seemed so nice.

He scammed $4 I think in total.

His discord is TukulButo#1773
Mine is Harder_dude#0606

My timezone is EDT North 3:40 PM
His timezone is Philippine GMT 3:40 AM

Proof v

More proof can be provided if needed.


FuZeIt wrote:

This guy is probably legit because he bought a DL off from me and he sent trough friends & family and never did he try to charge back,
second thing is that I don't see a message before the bot says something, this is most likely FAKE and used to create with PHOTOSHOP.
although I can't guarantee, if somebody else gets this experience then maybe he is a scammer, but for now I'm giving doubts.

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That's me reporting someone else XD


oopsies got confused about the post sorry lolll

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Report » flexonhomeless scammer. Selling DLS Scammed $4