How do I trade?
1) Know what you want to trade, getting contact with sellers by any social medias. (Always trust the higher respects members!)

2) We strongly recommend you use our middleman system.( For people who did not use our middleman, we will not give any refund if it is a scam.) Click here to find a middle man!

3) Meet in a random Growtopia world, DO NOT use your real account!

4) If you are not using middleman, you have to decide who is going first.

5) Sellers have to show the items to buyers (or middleman if you're using a middleman service).

6) Whoever is going first, gives the items/transfers the money to buyer/seller (middleman).

7) And the one who going last, has to give the items/transfer the money to buyer/seller.

8) Buyers/Sellers can give a rate to sellers/buyers by adding or subtracting the respects to him/her.

9) If you got scammed, don't worry. Post a topic here, and our staff will help you as soon as possible.

10) Don't forget to tell your friends to visit!

11) A game moderator may ban you any time. You are taking your own risk to trade!