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Scammer trying to dispute and lies

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Ok, so this guy that goes by the name "LeXit" (his discord name) and/or "Mic Tech" on paypal, he tries to do a chargeback after you give him the dls, he BLOCKS you on discord and lies to paypal, screenshots are given here:


Hi FuzeIt, we had read your chat carefully but it seems like the screenshot you given is not totally proofing that he scams you. In this case, we need some more specific information to make sure that he is a scammer. Thanks.


need more screenshots? sure
in addition i wasn't careful, after he made the dispute I saw that he had a buyer protection which means that he "bought a product" and uses that tactic to scam others.


Ok, I see. The money still in your account and you should send a email to paypal as fast as possible.


He did not register the forum account, we can not really find his information. Remember to ask the buyer if he/she is a member in the forum.


The money has been escalated and he has scammed me.
You see if he enables buyer protection, it means I need to provide a tracking number which I don't have because the "dls" are a digital product
so yeah.


OK, we recommend you to use Transfer method to pay the money.


Are you new to Paypal? You need to make sure he pays through Friends and Family so he doesn't have the ability to refund the payment.


Yes derek I wasn't careful, thanks though.


If we'cause I just bought' pay through family and friends, we can't exactly refund so you can exactly scam us:( Plus I alrdy send moneyxD


Fuzelt, can you describe a little more the scam, like how much did he waited to file a complain, what did he wrote etc. It would be very helpful to others.

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Report » Scammer trying to dispute and lies