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September 5th update: System updated! Welcome to the Growtopia BlackMarket,!

**Growtopia BlackMarket is the best platform for trading game items and accounts in Growtopia(GT) and Pixel Worlds(PW). Fast and Safe!**

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Selling Dls $3 USD EACH - paypal

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-----------Selling DLS $3 USD each, hit me up on discord / skype if you're interested-----------
STOCK: 4DLS (9 got sold)
1. I'm not going first, don't add me if you don't want to;
2. Paypal only;
3. I might give discounts, but don't rely on it.;
-------------------------CONTACT ME--------------------------
1. Discord: GyZo#6707
2. Skype: soulzoffical
PROOF (I can show it ingame too)

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Fam, what's wrong with you? You do not go first? Let's do a three-way convo with a middleman who has done hundreds of deals which is beyond your imaginaton. I'll add you on discord right away.


I don't do middlemans, you can ask some of the people who bought from me :D
And if you don't like something then just don't buy man, I'm not forcing you anything

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Sell (Post if you want to sell ) » Selling Dls $3 USD EACH - paypal