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September 5th update: System updated! Welcome to the Growtopia BlackMarket,!

**Growtopia BlackMarket is the best platform for trading game items and accounts in Growtopia(GT) and Pixel Worlds(PW). Fast and Safe!**

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Scammed by cl1k (bulletmonkey123)

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he did not pay me he sent my an invoice


We need a screen shot or a video  :|


Owner, can you tell me how can you help when someone get scammed?


At first, if you have used our forum middleman. We will make sure that you won't lose any of your money or items.

Else, our team need to make a discussion and give the final answer! (We will give punishment to the scammers)!


Got it, thank you for your reply  :yep:

You are here » Growtopia BlackMarket » Report » Scammed by cl1k (bulletmonkey123)