Im selling dls for these prices:
1+ DLS I sell for 3 US DOLLARS per DL.
10+ DLS I sell for 2.9 US DOLLARS per DL.
100+ DLS I sell for 2.8 US DOLLARS per DL.
I make around 10 DLs every day.
If you have a world with a donation box, display box or similar you can send the money to my paypal: and then add me on skype and tell me the amount of dls you paid for and the name of your world. I will then check my palpay. If the money is there I will place the diamond locks in your world as fast as I can or when I have time.
If you feel insecure about the method above you can always send me a message on skype and we can work out a deal the standard way.
Have a good day!